Prior to 1867, there are no birth and death records at Probate Court for the county.

Birth and death records for December 21, 1908 to present are at the Sandusky County Board of Health located at 2000 Countryside Drive, Fremont, OH 43420, (419) 334-6377. The link to their website is

Probate Court holds the birth and death records for 1867 to December 20, 1908. You can print off the records at no cost to you; however, if you would like a certified copy of a birth or death record contact the Court by callings 419-334-6211 OR emailing SEARCH HERE for the cost of a certified copy of a birth or death record. The birth and death records are located in the Case Management System (CMS) known as Henschen.


All of the records relating to that search will appear. When you see the search results click on the “case” file related to the person you are searching for. You will see an index card at the top under the heading (there are 2 documents). On the index card you will see a Vol #, a page (pp) # and # sign then a number. Jot down #398 in the example below.

If you would like to see the hand written journal entry, scroll to the second image under the documents heading. In the second column from the left you will see the word No. For this example under that No. column look for the number 398, and you will find the hand written entry for the person you are searching. If you would like to print the records, DO NOT USE THE PRINTER ICON at the top of the page. Click on the record you would like to print and hover over the pdf image. A printer icon will appear. Click on the print icon and the image will print.

You can search the Courts Case Management System (CMS) for unofficial birth and death records here.

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